1/11/16 – Tools for Game Design

Sorry for the slight hiccup while we get the show back up and running again. Today we talk about tools for game design (not necessarily game development). This is a rather lengthy episode as we dig into specific recommendations for tools and why. A lot of these suggestions are based on our personal experience and we welcome any suggestions you may have! Leave comments on the sound cloud!



1/04/16 – What does a game designer do?

We are starting off 2016 by experimenting with a new format and just focusing on one conversation a day revolving around a topic, article, question, etc from social media. We want to try and facilitate some discussion rather than just talk about random articles. Let us know what you think on the soundcloud comments!

Here’s the topic we are discussing today: https://www.quora.com/What-do-game-designers-do



Site on temporary hiatus

The constraints for how I was running this site was running into content problems and I wasn’t happy with how that was affecting it and the game design daily. I’m working on restructuring how it will work in the future. Sorry for the temporary hiatus.

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