9/25/15 – Keys, Perks, Postmortems, Indies, Advices

phil maxey

Today we have

  • Key reselling
  • Fallout perks
  • Word mortem
  • Indies vs AAA
  • Indie must-dos

The Key Masters: Reselling and the Games Industry

A rather lengthy but thought provoking article on the whole key reselling industry and reselling of digital games in general. While I generally focus on design specific stuff, I think certain market related items like this will be a big influence on how you sell your game and on what kind of audience you are attracting. It’s worth paying attention to. I myself have bought some AAA games from key resellers because $60 for a game I am unlikely to play even 50% of is just not worth it.


Fallout 4’s perk system explained — but still full of hard choices

It’s interesting to see different attempts at trying to evolve the somewhat stagnant RPG stats/skills/perks/etc systems. Keep in mind the original Fallout S.P.E.C.I.A.L. system was initially based on a pen and paper “universal” system, Gurps. It’s hard to tell how well this system plus infinite leveling will really work out. My gut says that unless they properly restrict things, it will get stale pretty fast, much the way hacking guns in Borderlands pretty much destroys the fun.


Wordsum Postmortem – The 10 year journey of a solo game developer

A good honest post mortem that I think many newbie indie devs can relate to, especially those who just aren’t great at working with a team.


phil maxey

Can the last indie game devs turn the lights off

More indiepocalypse kind of stuff. I do kind of like the reality check sort of angles that really explain how this is all a normal, expected “market correction” rather than panic sky is falling kind of thing.


The Four-Step Universal Indie Survival Guide

Also indiepocalypse related, but more just a “here’s what always should have been doing anyways” sort of advice article.